Satanic Media Watch and News Exchange

"Satanic Panic" is a phenomenon that was born in the USA in the 1980'es, and which soon spread to Europe. It is a modern myth, that is, it is a myth that people believe in and act upon today.

ImageAlready in the Panic's first years, many sensible people recognized the Satanic Panic for what is it: a modern myth very similar to the Witch hunts.

More and more people spoke out against the misunderstandings, fantastic stories, and lies told by those who supported the myth as reality. And little by little, public attention shifted from the fantasy of subversive Satanic cults to the reality of abusive physiotherapy, religious fanatics, modern witch hunts, and criminal injustice. People realized that in an attempt to battle an imagined evil, real evil had been committed.

Today we have all the facts, but some “true believers” still hold on to the old stories and spread their misinformation. Some do it knowingly for profit; others do it for religious reasons or because they themselves have become caught in the web of lies.

Satanic Panic is a problem with many aspects. One of them is abusive psychotherapy causing people to create false memories of abuse. False memories can be devastating to those who suffer from them, their families, and those they point out as perpetrators. Many innocent people, adults and children alike, have had their lives ruined as a result of false memories induced by abusive therapists.

Another aspect of the Satanic Panic is its power to detract attention from real problems in society. Children do get abused, and society has to support the victims and deal with those who abused them. Hunting shadows instead of paying attention to those who do suffer is a crime in it self. 

”Satanic Media Watch and News Exchange” (SMWANE) was established in 1998 as a reaction to the Satanic Panic. The Satanic Panic more or less died out in the mid 90'es, but we saw that there was still a need for real information on the issue.

Satanic Media Watch and New Exchange” has gathered a huge collection of texts dealing with a lot of aspects of the Satanic Panic. We have collected them from many sources. Most of them where written by Atheists or Christians, and authors come from a lot of fields like journalism, medicine, sociology, and law enforcement. Most of our texts are in English but we also have Danish and Norwegian texts.

Satanic Media Watch and News Exchange is not associated with any organizations. The webpage is located in Denmark and maintained by Amina Lap.